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Hi everyone! I hope you'll like my free knitting patterns. To receive notifications for new patterns, subscribe to my blog. You can also follow me on twitter or like this blog on facebook. If you have any question, feel free to ask.

Free knitting pattern: Emiko doll

Hi everyone ! this is my latest doll creation. I gave her a japanese name because she was inspire by an anime character. By the way, Emiko means beautiful child.    

The following pattern shows you how to make the doll, for her clothes pattern here is the link :

SIZE : one size, about 37 cm length

·         4 mm needles
·         Yarn weight:
o   light worsted for the doll
o   fingering for her hair
·         Zipper

TENSION : not important

·         K : knit
·         K2tog: knit 2 together
·         Kfb: knit forth and back
·         P: purl
·         P2tog: purl 2 together
·         St(s): stitch(es)
·         St st: stockinette stitch
·         R: row


·         Cast on 8sts
·         R 1: kfb = 16sts
·         R2 and every even row: p
·         R 3: (k1, kfb) = 24sts
·         R 5: (k2, kfb) = 32sts
·         R 7: (k3, kfb) = 40sts
·         R 9: (k4, kfb) = 48sts
·         R 11: (k5, kfb)= 56sts
·         R 13-15 : st st
·         R 17: (k6, kfb)= 64sts
·         R 19-30 : st st
·         R 31 : (k6, k2tog) = 56 sts
·         R 33-34 : st st
·         R 35 : (k5, k2tog) = 48 sts
·         R 37 : (k4, k2tog) = 40 sts
·         R 39 : (k2tog) = 20 sts
·         R 41-42 : st st
·         R 43 : (kfb) = 40 sts
·         R 45 : (k4, kfb) = 48 sts
·         R 47 : (k5, kfb) = 56 sts
·         R 49 (shape armholes) : k10, cast off 8sts, k24, cast off 8sts, k10
·         R 50 : p10, create 8sts, p24, create 8sts, p10
·         R 51-84 : st st
·         Cast off
LEG (make 2)
·         Cast off 22 sts
·         Work st st for 30rows
Shape heel
1st part:
·         R1: k8 and turn ( purl every even row)
·         R3: k7 and turn
·         R5: k6 and turn
·         R7: k5 and turn
·         R9: k4 and turn
·         R11: k5 and turn
·         R13: k6 and turn
·         R15: k7 and turn
·         R17: k8 and turn
·         R19: k
2nd part:
·         R1: p8 and turn ( knit every even row)
·         R3: p7 and turn
·         R5: p6 and turn
·         R7: p5 and turn
·         R9: p4 and turn
·         R11: p5 and turn
·         R13: p6 and turn
·         R15: p7 and turn
·         R17: p8 and turn
·         R19: p8, p2tog x 3, p8 = 19 sts
Shape foot:
·         Work in st st for 4 rows
·         R1: k5, k2tog x 2, k1, k2tog x 2, k5 = 15sts
·         R3: k1, (k2tog) = 8sts
·         R5: k2tog = 4sts
·         Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts and pull
·         Sew seam

ARM (make 2)
·         Cast off 18sts
·         Work in st st for 28sts
·         R1: (k2, k2tog), k2 = 14 sts
·         R2 and every even row: p
·         R3: (k1, kfb) = 21sts
·         R4-8: st st
·         R9: k1, (k2tog) = 11sts
·         R11: (k2tog), k1 = 6sts
·         Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts and pull
·         Sew seam

Sew arms to armholes and legs to torso.
Sew head and torso back seam and sew zipper in her back

This doll’s head has bigger circumference than her body, so it’s bit difficult to dress her. With the zipper, you can take off her inside, dress her and fill her again. It is also useful if you want to wash her.
Embroider eyes and mouth

To add hair, cut the yarn wanted for hair color into pieces, slightly longer than twice the length of the desired hair length.  Using a crochet hook or yarn needle, thread each piece through a stitch on the head and pull so that each half is even.  Tie with a knot.
This step is the most difficult one. You will need a lot of patience because this doll has a lot of hair !

Final touch! Apply foundation on her cheeks.

The patterns of her clothes are available here


Trish said...

Thank you sooo much for a free pattern. I am so grateful to you. I have tried for many hours to find a free doll pattern like yours over the internet,without success. Luv your stuff. Thanks againm Trish

Truus said...

This is a wonderfulhappy doll
,makes me happy to see her, too. Thank you so much!!

BTW no zipper needed when you stuff the head with very light material like bathing sponge

Unknown said...

hi holy can you please explain why i cast of 22 stitches for the legs.sould it not be cast on. for the emiko knitted doll. love this pattern. thank you

Unknown said...

Hi holy im also asking the same question as the lady above. where is says cast off 22 stitches for the legs. should it not be cast on, same as the arms you have cast off stitches as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Holy also have another question with the arms after you cast on 18 stitches it says st st.28 stitches, do you not mean 28 rows. thanks

Unknown said...

my email address is mikemargp@gmail.com margaret pitcher for the last two comments. thanks

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