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Free pattern: fragile heart

But it can be so weak at the other time
Heart is fragile.
So handle it with care.
Or you may broke it.
- Felsdar
Hi everyone! Today’s pattern is the perfect Valentin’s day gift. If you do not know what to give, give him a knitted heart.
It’s simple, cute and very symbolic! Giving your heart to someone not only means you love him, it also means you trust him because this action make you somewhat vulnerable. Thus, give your heart to someone who will take care of it.
Heart can be so strong
When I give you my heart, I do not give you
the authority to rule it, abuse it or use it. I
give it to you because I trust you enough to
take great care of it.

·         4 mm needles
·         Yarn weight: light worsted  
·         Yarn colour: red
·         Not important
·         Dec: decrease
·         K: knit
·         K2tog: knit 2 together
·         Kfb: knit forth and back
·         P: purl
·         Psso: pass slipped stitch over
·         Sl: slip
·         st st: stockinette stitch
Decreasing tip: when you decrease each side
From right side:
·         sl1 as to k, psso
·         k2tog
From wrong side:
·         P2tog
·         p2tog in back of loop
·         Cast on 4sts
·         Row 1: kfb = 8sts
·         Row 2, 4, 6: p
·         Row 3: k1, kbf x 2, k2, kbf x 2, k1 = 12 sts
·         Row 5: k1, kbf, (k), kbf, k1
·         Repeat row 5 and 6 until you get 32 sts
·         Work 4rows in st st
1st part of the heart:
·         Row 1: dec 1 st, k12, dec 1 st, turn = 14 sts
·         Row 2, 4: p
·         Row 3: dec 1 st, k10, dec 1 st, turn = 12 sts
·         Row 5: dec 1 st, k8, dec 1 st, turn = 10 sts
·         Row 6: dec 1 st, p6, dec 1 st, turn = 8 sts
·         Cast off
2nd part of the heart: like 1st part
With both right sides together, sew seam but leave hole to turn right side out, fill your little heart and sew the remaining seam.


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