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Free pattern: Knitted mariniere bag

Hi everyone! Here is another pattern. I named it the mariniere because it is inspired by the famous french striped shirt called mariniere.


White yarn
Dark blue yarn
3.5mm needles
Lining fabric


K: knit
RS: right side
St st: stockinette stitch
St(s): stitch(es)


Sides: (st st)
Cast on 84sts  with dark blue yarn
Row1: k
4 next rows: increase 1st at each end
Row11: switch to white
Row15: decrease 1st at each end
Row21: switch to dark black
Row25: decrease 1st at each end
Row31: switch to white
Row35: decrease 1st at each end
Row41: switch to dark black
Row45: decrease 1st at each end
Row51: switch to white
Row55: decrease 1st at each end
Row61: switch to dark black
Row65: decrease 1st at each end
Row71: switch to white
Row75: decrease 1st at each end
Row81: switch to dark black
Row86-91: work in garter st
Bind off
Make another side 
Sew both sides together

Handle: st st
Cast on 16sts
Work in st st until piece measures 85cm bind off. With RS together, sew back seam
Turn RS out

Use the knitted pieces as pattern and cut lining fabric out.

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