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Free pattern: daisy slippers

Never get cold feet with these cute slippers ;)Hi, everyone ! Do you like these slippers ? They are cute, isn’t itThey are warm and look like ballerina. Girly and useful, they are perfect for women.They are actually easy to make. The only stitch you need to know is Garter Stitch. You also need to know how to knit tow together.

MATERIALS : Straight needles size 4mm, yarn, needle, ribbons

STITCH: Garter st (knit every row)

  • k2tog:
  • knit two together
  • st(s): stitch(es)

  •  Cast on 30 sts and work in garter sts until piece measures 14cm.
  • Then, for the next 4 rows increase 1 st = 34 sts
  • Then, for the next 2 rows, increase 3sts = 40 sts
  • When piece measures 18cm, k2tog
  • Next row, k2tog and cast off
  • Fold and sew 
  • Use a 70 cm ribbon to tighten the slipper

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